History of Douglas School Winchester, Virginia


Judy Humbert and June Gaskins-Davis




Douglas School was the heart and center of the African-American community of Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia during the days of segregation from 1927 to 1966 when the doors at Douglas was closed as an all-black school. Douglas was also vital to the Strasburg and Woodstock communities as their students rode the school bus into Winchester each day for high school. The two communities were very supportive of the students and activities at Douglas.

Fellowship and reminiscences continues with the Douglas Alumni Association from 1978 to the present day. There was a growing interest to document the story of accomplishments and pride for future generations. Judy Humber and June Gaskins-Davis, graduates of Douglas were persuaded to undertake this task. Former students, faculty, and staff connected with the school shared their photographs, items, news articles, and memories.


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