George Washington’s Office

Winchester played an important role in George Washington’s early adult life; his military and political career began here. As a young man of sixteen, he came to the area to begin what he thought would be his life’s profession, surveying.

Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters

The house contains the largest collection of Jackson memorabilia and also personal objects from members of his staff. The museum has on display Jackson’s personal prayer table, initialed prayer book, and many other Jackson family artifacts.

Abram’s Delight

“Abram’s Delight”, the site of five generations of the prominent Hollingsworth family covering 200 years, has a story of its own. In 1943, the city of Winchester purchased the old home and 35 acres of land.

18th Century Valley Cabin

The cabin represents a typical early Shenandoah Valley dwelling including a rarely reproduced double layered side overlapping white oak shingle roof.

Hollingsworth Mill

This stone mill, located next to the Abrahm’s Delight house, was built in 1833 by David Hollingsworth, the great-grandson of Abraham Hollingsworth, Frederick County’s first settler.